Films & Pilots – Blue Shark Pictures LLC, Jeffrey Gliwa, Producer

Jeffrey Gliwa, Producer, aka “Blue Shark,” has several films, pilots and theater productions slated for production in 2017.








Moth Theatre – Los Angeles

New York


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Blue Shark Pictures - NineNine

Follows the lives of five nurses who must save 9 souls in order to find redemption for the sin they committed. Watched over by an ensemble of angels who monitor those “under task”, the pressure is always there. In the crisp, cynical world in which we live, these five people must first come to terms with the guilt of being complicit in a murder. They believed the murder was justifiable as he was clearly “evil”, in their eyes, but they learn quickly, not in the eyes of God. Their punishment is to save the souls of nine lost innocents. It is a task for which none of them, by their selves, are equipped but together they may find a path to Salvation. How do you know who are angels and who are demons when all there is to go on is faith?

Nine is a fantasy drama in the vein of Angels in America, Lost and American Horror Story.

Angels in AmericaLostAmerican Horror Story



Blue Shark Pictures - EstateEstate

Green, Hollister and Mars, LLP. is a private law firm specializing in real estate, specifically Los Angeles real estate. Max Hollister was Ivy League from birth and would have been a junior partner at her father’s multi national law firm, barring one thing; she fights for those who can’t fight for themselves. This is a difficult attribute for her, once partner in bed, now partner in business, Tipper Green, a lazy, funny, habitually late, stoner who also happens to be a negotiating savant. Both Max and Tipper are bonded by a mutual love and respect for Ty Mars, the boy from the hood who will forever be trying to bring back a mother lost to poverty and father to crime. The three of them face moral fights from the crack dens of downtown to the gated palaces of Bel Air. They all have one thing in common, “they refuse to lose.”

Estate is a legal procedural in the vein of Law and Order, Boston Legal and Damages.

Law & OrderBoston LegalDamages

Blue Shark Pictures - FaceLifeFaceLife

FaceLife is a reflection on the modern family seen through the screen of social media. A teenage boy trolls FaceLife social network looking for his true love. Something catches his eye, upon following the tags he ends up on a girl he knows could be the one. One thing stands in the way of them becoming first loves, her father is his father. His life is no longer real, not in the way he had always believed it to be. His father, a salesman for a tech firm has always traveled half the year, he just never suspected it was half with another family. The boy uncovers as much as he can, while keeping the big secret as long as he can, for when this truth is revealed everyone will have to face life. In the vein of Breaking Bad, the stakes couldn’t be higher but the realities keep it suburban.

FaceLife is a drama in the vein of Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights and Rectify.

Breaking BadFriday Night LightsRectify






Fight ClubAmerican PsychoTrue Romance

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Blue Shark Pictures - FraternalFraternal

A family comes together on July 4th, not to celebrate Independence Day but to rather observe the death of Mary McManus 20 years earlier. Time has suppressed the suspicions of her sons, Greg and Jay, who were 7 when she passed. Greg ran away and become a successful salesman in the shadow of his father, Mike McManus, the world-renowned author of the Sales Bible. Time has also blurred a truth that Ann, his young wife, can no longer keep from his sons. Fraternal is a mirror for the modern American dream, the reflection of which is painful, humbling and a confession that just may save a son’s life.

Fraternal is a family drama in the vein of Ordinary People, Silver Linings Playbook and Revolutionary Road.

Ordinary PeopleSilver Linings PlaybookRevolutionary Road

For information about our upcoming film Fraternal, or to contact Jeffrey Gliwa, producer aka “Blue Shark” visit this page

Blue Shark Pictures - BlackoutBlackout

Michael Fairfield is convicted of the first-degree murder of Sarah Fairfield his wife of 7 years. His only defense was that he was made to do it by a voice on his phone. During sentencing a psychiatric review board certifies that he is mentally ill and remands him to the high security state mental hospital. Dr. Jane Allison assigned to his case travels from disbeliever to haunted victim and eventually, discovering a labyrinth of darkness. Her only way out is to look evil in the eye. What she sees will save her patient while condemning her soul.

Blackout is a psychological horror film in the vein of Sixth Sense, Jacobs Ladder and The Ring.

The Sixth SenseJacob's LadderThe Ring


Blue Shark Pictures and the Apparition Fund, working with Moth Theatre, will base their theater operations in the following cities;

Moth TheatreLos Angeles

Public Theater, NYC, NYNew York City

Steppenwolf Theater, Chicago ILChicago